RAGE OF LIGHT – Upriser Lyrics

RAGE OF LIGHT – Upriser Lyrics

Empty places can make you feel alone
In a sea of consciousness
The consequences of this constant rush for more
Will leave you breathless

A vision of darkness
Cools down your burning heart
Still flaming like heroes
Our downfall has yet to start
A grand introspection
Will show you where to go
Insatiable hunger
For life consumes your core

A desire to outgrow
This tiny piece of cosmos
You were given to control

We are the outsiders
As we stand against the world
The answer lies in silence
The unspoken words of wisdom
Shall roam

No bullets are stronger
Than the universal truths
No preachers are holier
Than those whose love is pure
This age of destruction
Is coming to a close
It’s time for progression
Let’s watch our empires fall

A desire to repair
This broken piece of land
That we’re destroying for our gain

We are the uprisers
As we stand against this war
No answer lies in violence
No dictator can suppress
A rebel’s soul

Rejects of the system
Choose their freedom over pain
In silence lies the answer
Be the error in their reign
Uprisers and outsiders
We will keep this flame alive
No violence is the answer
No dictator can suppress
A rebel’s fire

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