High – Ovedriver Duo Lyrics

High – Ovedriver Duo Lyrics

Do you think I can get it?
I could give it a try
But my heart’s feeling heavy
I’m a stereotype
Take a breath keep it steady
Someone gimme a sign
Cause I’m still in my prime
Wanna live till I die

No one said it would be easy
We gotto take the long road
Before we get home
No I won’t let their voices beat me
Cause even if they say no

We still get high on this life (oh)
Keep reaching for the sky all the time (oho)
Look back and see where we began
But this ain’t where the story end
Get high
Yeah we can get so high

When my thoughts feeling petty
Tell myself that I’m fine
Butterflies in my belly
I can’t keep it inside
God I hope that I’m ready
Someone gimme a light
Got a battle to fight
Wanna make it all mine

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