PREDATORY VOID – Funerary Vision Lyrics

PREDATORY VOID – Funerary Vision Lyrics

Whitest of lights
Deafening silence
What if it ends
Before I get there

The great release
The last and final gift
No aftertaste,
No present state
Intangible and eerie

Snow coated mountain tops
A breath that leaves the mouth
A side view figure wearing white
And no sensations after

A scolding hot tear down the cheek
The salty taste, familiar
A word that’s inexpressible
For someone dear

Suspended in nothingness

And I give in to

Deeply nauseating fear
Of spanless open space
Realization of your own mortality
Fighting with ego

Once walked
Once breathed
Once saw, believed
Once thought
Once craved

Imagine catastrophes
Envision bodies
Await, believe and harbor
Thoughts disembodied

And all the frowning faces
Of those who mourn their loss

Once made mistakes
Now empty space

Almost surreal
Practically numb
As if I force myself

To grieve for things
That haven’t happened

As if
I force
To grieve for things
That haven’t happened

Following the footsteps
Etched in the gleaming snow
All the pine trees and the icebergs
No one of us could see before

The peace and quiet, long awaited
Might seem too much to bear
Consuming wounds, preparing space
The bodies bruised are laid to rest

And sleep in silence
Undisturbed and quiet

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