NITA STRAUSS – The Golden Trail Lyrics

NITA STRAUSS – The Golden Trail Lyrics

Radiation from days of past
Taste of sulphur from the acid rain
Lost the momentum
Lost the rage
Feel like six feet under but I am awake

When placed against the feeling
Like days that never end
Trembling in a vacuum
But I can’t forget so I call your name

I can see right through it all
Yet I can’t escape the sirens song
Making sure they never will
But who am I to tell right from wrong

It’s safe to say that I can’t tell
“There’s the moment” when all senses fail
Head to wall, I rush right in
Searching for the golden trail

Seconds pass and there’s no way
Doesn’t seem the same at all
For once I wanna feel something
Been here before but then I fall

Is there light at the end at all?
(If not) how will I know when I get too far?

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