CADAVER – Scum Of The Earth Lyrics

CADAVER – Scum Of The Earth

Your presence sickens me
Your kind is what I avoid
An agenda of absurdity
Utter darkness fills your void

You are – that kind
So dumb – so blind
(You) terrify me
But you – will die
Wiped out, erased, denied
You won’t defy me

Run with me into the void (blindly)
Like zombies infected by lies (brain defunct)
Astray like a homeless android
In a herd that nobody wanted
You are scum

Fuck you – I want you destroyed
My goal is silence
We all – have to avoid
Your world – overkilled by mercy

You are – a free rider
An abuser – a truth denier
You’re worth – zip zero
Still you think – you’re a hero

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